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It's time to schedule classes for 2021 & 2022.


During this pandemic, we have been busy helping students work

through the challenges, experiencing hands on activities &
expressing themselves through their creativity.


Shawnee Mission West students really stepped up to the challenge.

Students in our 1st semester classes showed their phenomenal talents,

which are poignantly shared in January/February's West Patrons' exhibit. 


It's your turn to show your creative STUFF!

The courses we offer in addition to Intro to Studio Art are:

Drawing 1, Painting, Ceramics, Jewelry/Sculpture, AP/Art Studio, Photo 1, AP/Art Studio.


If you are interested in Career Tech Ed PATHWAY opportunities - VIA VISUAL ARTS:

we also offer Drawing 2 - CTE, Digital Photo - Art, CTE & Graphic Design - Art, CTE.

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