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I wanted to be in this show because I feel as if I have grown maturely enough in my artwork to really show it for the world to see. I’ve gone through a lot of improvement during this year with my artwork and I would like everyone to see that even though I am a cartoonist, I can also make some amazing non-cartoony works. And I think that showing my works would inspire some younger artists and really show that here in West, I am a fantastic artist who cares deeply and passionately for art. I take pride in my work and it would be nice for others who might not know me as well to see my artwork, since I don’t know a lot of people in this school.

First Featured Piece: “Nap n Cuddles”, is a watercolor painting of my cat, BB, cuddling up with my hand. It was originally a picture I took on my phone that I re-sketched and painted. This piece was one of the first major realistic pieces I have made as an artist and it was the kickoff point that started my improvement in a realistic art style that went on to further help me and my art in the future. My everlasting goal to always improve helps to motivate me as an artist. If I keep on pushing myself and keep on experimenting with different art styles and mediums then that gives me one, not only experience but, it also helps to fuel my creativity, and two, it helps to motivate me to be open about trying new things and to “experiment” with my art style and art as a whole. It’s fun for me to experiment with new things and I think it shows in this piece that if I put enough time and effort into the medium and style itself, then it’s possible to try a different style and get something good out of it. But what also motivated me to make this piece is my cat. She was 17 when I painted this piece and is going on 18 this year in august on her and I’s birthday. I know as (almost) an adult that she’s not going to be here for much longer and I thought that it was my duty as not only an artist but as her owner to dedicate such a piece for her and to remember her when she does eventually pass. Making art for people and for the animals I care deeply about is my love language, and I believe that this piece shows the strong loving bond between BB and I. My plans for the future that have already begun since I’ve made this piece, is to keep experimenting with this realistic art style and to start working more realistic themes into my works. If I continue doing this then I will not only be extremely talented with a realistic style, but I believe that it will also help my far more cartoony one grow and develop.

The Second Featured Piece: "The Eye of Yourself", is a surreal graphite drawing of which was originally a landscape. I merged an eye into the picture itself and I decided to have a theme behind it. Not really one that you would notice right away but something that would be there subconsciously. I see eyes staring you down as judgemental, so I used that idea to have a subconscious thought that you were being judged, and the person in the reflection is you, the viewer. What motivated me to make this drawing is my desire to always improve, but also as a self reflection of myself. A lot of stuff happened in my life when I made this and I made it as a way to reflect on my own personal actions. And I realized that I was not stably in a good state of mind in the past, I felt alone, I felt like I myself was being judged on my every move. And I used that same judged feeling to have others have the same self reflection that I experienced. So, thinking now into the future, I’m going to not only try and improve my artwork, but also who I am as a person. I don’t ever want to go into the poisonous mindset I was previously in ever again, and I hope that in the future, I will be in a better mindset as well. 

- Trinity M.

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