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Hello, my name is Cori M. and I wanted to be in this show because I’ve worked hard over my four years at west to improve my art and skills. I feel I have improved, and I even got into KCAI (Kansas City Art Institute) this year which was extremely exciting. My art is mainly linked to emotion and I enjoy showing emotions inside the art pieces I make. That is something I feel makes my art stand out and I hope you also think so and consider it some of the best because it is some of mine. I will say though I know there are many extremely talented artists at west and they’ve always inspired me.


Lately I’ve been working on self-portraits to be able to have a reference easily for poses. Many of my pieces are inspired by mental illness, some having to do with my own and using pill bottles representing my meds I take. The digital piece was to challenge myself to create a large marker piece with a few references to myself such as the pill bottle with my meds name and lemon slices because I’ve always loved fruit since I was little and the fruit has an interesting pattern.

     As an artist I am motivated by multiple things, mainly expressing my emotions and also being inspired by media and music. Over the years I’ve used my own mental health to motivate myself by letting my feelings out onto the page or screen. I’m constantly motivated to improve my art but I do go through times where I’m burnt out although I think everyone goes through times of being burnt out.

    I currently plan to attend Kansas City Art Institute and was accepted recently and was awarded the president’s cabinet scholarship. I plan to most likely major in painting or illustration but after college I plan to find some way to sell my art most likely freelance. Although I know that can be difficult so I’m unsure of how at the moment but I have four years to figure that out. In the past I’ve sold my art at a few small comic conventions which I was introduced to by my older sister. Overall as you can see I plan to continue pursuing art.



Thank you for the opportunity & hope you enjoy my work.

- Cori M.

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