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Greetings from your West Art Department & the West Patrons’ Gallery. During the months of December through mid-January, we will be featuring the wonderful works of our students this semester. The show is “Best of West - 1st Semester”.

Students have been working hard, learning to be more detail oriented throughout our courses at West. We have been learning about Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture, Form, Unity, Balance, Composition & a whole lot more. As a department, we support each other & this year we brought back a sense of normalcy & routine through our creative problem solving activities provided to our artist’s. While we have been filling up the art hallways with NEW & rotating projects, we wanted the opportunity for students to share their favorite & most valued projects they have worked on during the 1st Semester back in full-time learn- ing mode. Go CREATIVE Vikings!

During the months of December & January we welcome you to enjoy the fourth exhibit featuring student work from Mrs. Jewell, Mr. Schraad, Coach Catloth & Ms. Heaton’s art students. We have been lucky to have 3 terrific student teachers this semester & want to thank Ms. Bilski, Ms. Voth & Mrs. Arnold for helping our kids re-acclimate to being back full-time, working hard & creat- ing REALLY COOL art.


  • Intro to Studio Art - Introduction to Studio Art is the prerequisite for all other art courses offered in Shawnee Mission. This High School level course emphasizes drawing/design - based course functions as Secondary Level introduction to the elements of art & the principles of design within the confines of a studio environment.

  • Painting - Painting covers the history, development, &techniques involved in working with transparent & opaque media. Students are becoming proficient in media applications, knowledge of media characteristics, & presentation of finished work. Individualistic style is encouraged in interpreting subject matter including still-life, figure study, landscape, & abstraction.

  • Ceramics - Students have been introduced to basic methods of working with clay as an art form, as well as the history & design of ceramic art. The course includes fundamentals of three-dimensional form, design elements, hand-built & wheel-thrown pottery, glazing & firing procedures.

  • Jewelry/Sculpture - A wide variety of materials (metal, wood, textiles, clay, plaster, stone, & found/recycled objects) may be utilized in the fabrication of 3D wearable & non-wearable ornamental objects. This course has employed additive, subtractive, & experimental construction processes.

  • Drawing 1 - Students explore both traditional and non-traditional drawing techniques in a studio setting. This course includes observa- tional experiences in drawing subject matter taken from nature, the figure, man-made objects. This course is recommended to be taken early in the art student’s enrollment because of the importance rendering skills play in project development in all other art courses.

  • Drawing 2, Art - CTE - This course is designed for those who have completed Drawing 1 and have a desire to do advanced work in drawing. Observational drawing, illustration techniques, and visual problem solving will be emphasized. Students integrate art criticism, study of contemporary art history & technology.

  • Photo 1 - Students have been exploring analog (traditional) 35mm camera functions, black & white film processing & darkroom printing. This course includes an introduction to the history & science of photography, criticism, as well as the social implications of reproducible imagery.

  • Digital Photo, Art - CTE - Students explore the technical skills needed to produce quality digital images. Digital photography topics include use of equipment, software, photo editing, & manipulation. Studio projects are more student directed & open-ended regarding approach and subject matter. Continued exploration of the history of photography, processes/techniques, & constructive dialogue are incorporated.

  • Graphic Design, Art - CTE - Students use elements of art & design to create original graphic imagery to communicate with a variety of audiences - Have you seen our PSA’s?. Students generate NEW ideas that allow them to problem solve creatively by preparing them to work in creative fields using a variety of graphic software programs found in the Adobe Design Suite.

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