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 I wanted to be in this show to share my artwork.


I started doing art my junior year at West. At my old school, the art classes were not taken seriously unlike those at West. So, when I had taking Intro To Art, it was my chance to start over and find my art self again. Luckily, I was guided correctly by some of the best teachers. So, my pieces are to show my 2 years of progress and share some of my knowledge here at my two years at West and SMSD school district in general. 

 When you look at my work in the show you will see 2 pieces that my statement is focusing on.

So, the first piece was done with charcoal and a hint of dry brush on Canson paper. This paper is really delicate at 27lbs. Charcoal was my second ever medium I have used. Graphite being first. A self-portrait is always something that an artist should do. Capturing ourselves is one of the most difficult things mentally in art. 

The second piece is of my sister, who makes a great reference and modeling. She is my go-to when I need a photo reference or model. it was done with graphite on Stonehenge paper, a very high-quality paper. I believe hair is a bit interpretative. In addition, adding color was just a touch really made me enjoy it more. It’s something I am not used to, and I wanted to try and experiment with something different. 

Things that motivate me in the art are constantly being inspired. I am always trying to be inspired by artists. It helps me stay focus because I am constantly being surrounded by art. 

I plan to major in Archectiture, which has some form of art in it. In addition, I would like to minor in art as well. Beyond college, I would like to try to submit my pieces into places. I want to get notice, and hopefully, I’ll be able to get some recognition or a job with art.

- Vance L.

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